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About Magic Lawyers Magic Lawyers is India's first and most definitive guide to law firms in India.

It has been founded with the sole intention of providing clients, lawyers, students and all concerned stakeholders with an unbiased and thoroughly researched list of law firms across sectors as well as raising awareness about the management at these firms. With India poised to compete with firms across the world for a share of the global industry, it is imperative for Indian firms to showcase their managerial brilliance to the world. Magic Lawyers is a platform to highlight Indian firms through their capabilities, achievements as well as thought leadership.
Our Listings Our listings are based purely on our editorial study.

We do not list only those firms that make submissions. We list firms based on our unbiased and extensive research. That of course does not make submissions redundant, they are crucial for ensuring that you point us in the right direction. Therefore, submissions alone will not guarantee your firm a listing, however it will go a long way in helping us cross check our research and ensuring that you get the best review to feature in our listings.
Our Team

Magic Lawyers employs professionals who are fully abreast of all the latest and historic developments in the Indian Legal Profession.

Magic Lawyers has been set up by The RASICH Group, which has interests across sectors including e-commerce, hospitality as well as Indian football. Our professionals have worked in various capacities in Indian Law Firms, Legal Departments as well as in journalistic positions in legal media. As our professionals are so deep-rooted in the Indian Legal Industry, we maintain complete confidentiality of our editorial team to ensure wholly unbiased listings.

Research Calendar Practice Area Listings
Submission Guidelines: Jan 15
Submission Deadline: Mar 1
Publication: May
Management Listings
Submission Guidelines: Aug 1
Submission Deadline: Sep 1
Publication: October
Emerging Star Listings
Submission Guidelines: Sep 15
Submission Deadline: Nov 1
Publication: January


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