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Due to the recent division of the firm into two separate firms under the stewardship of Cyril and Shardul Shroff respectively, we will be reviewing each independent firm over the course of this year. A clear and settled editorial posting shall be made in

Clear, transparent and highly approachable management.

The firm's partners are known to be brutally honest with their criticism as well as being supportive for positive reinforcement. Over the years, the firm's client satisfaction ratings have been exceptionally high, due to its flawless billing and reporting

Professional work environment, which is governed by rules and regulations which are strictly enforced.

The firm famously has a no-relative rule which has been in operation from the time Jyoti left Remfry & Sagar to form JSA. The firm is also one of the few firms that has implemented a retirement system for its Senior Partners, a testament to which has been

A firm that believes in nurturing its talent and retaining them through effective management techniques.

The firm has developed itself into one of the country's top 10 firms in terms of manpower. While the firm's management has traditionally been based upon trust and loyalty, the firm has adapted to the changing times and developed multiple departments that

A firm that prides itself for being 'Research' oriented and manages its affairs in the same spirit.

Nishith Desai's firm has been often cited as a case study in firm management by Indian and International experts. Nishith takes a keen interest in the firm's management and is one of the foremost propagators of research based advice in the country. The fi

Tremendous work ethic, backed by a team of partners that steer the firm without the need of a Managing Partner.

Phoenix Legal is one of the few firms that operate without a Managing Partner. It believes in providing its clients with complete partner support and perhaps has one of the higher Partner hours per mandate in the country. This is of course finely balanced

An Indian firm with western ideals, especially in terms of its service delivery and internal management.

The firm's Managing Partner, Priti Suri brings with her the experience of working with American and French law firms, which strongly influences the management of the firm. The firm is highly clued in on client sensitivities and has strict systems and proc

Remarkably continuing on an operational structure envisaged by its founders at inception.

S&R Associates is one of India's most highly regarded law firms in terms of its ability to tackle the most complex transactions. The firm started off as a capital market boutique firm and with the economic slowdown, adapted and added corporate, M&A and In

Highly benefited by its association with Linklaters and an adoption of many of its management systems.

The firm has been recognized as one of India's most professional firms, which is believed to be one of the key reasons for Linklaters to choose TTA as its Indian best friend. The firm has over the years adopted many key managerial processes propagated by

No Managing Partner concept that works on the committee model.

The all-equity model of the firm has been developed after extensive deliberations and inputs from erstwhile best friend Allen & Overy. The firm is known to have devised Partner committees that work as decision makers for most of the firm's operational req

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