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A dedicated shipping practice which has developed over time.

ALMT's current shipping partner, Gautam Bhatikar joined in 2010 at a time when Clyde and Co. was still a best friend and specialized in global shipping matters, and Ananjan Mitter was also actively taking care of the firm's shipping practice. Since then,

P&I specialists with an established client base.

The firm banks upon the experience and standing of its key partners, Adil Patel and Raman Walawalkar. Both Adil and Raman complement each other's skill sets, with Raman being acknowledged for his Arbitration related work, while Adil is often called upon t

Excelling in Ship Sales and International Arbitration in the Shipping Sector.

Amitava Majumdar, also fondly known as Raja, has established himself as a go to litigating lawyer in both Indian Courts and International arbitration proceedings. He is frequently approached by the Government for advice. The firm has a terrific internatio

A firm that projects and delivers industry expertize consistently.

The Firm's Managing Partner, Shrikant Hathi is widely regarded as an industry expert among leading shipping and maritime lawyers the world over. The firm was founded in 1992 and claims to have associate offices in all the major port cities in the country,

Prime focus on Admiralty actions from both sides of the table.

The firm has the distinction of being omnipresent when it comes to initiating and defending admiralty actions and boasts of a very high success ratio. While the firm is particularly regarded for handling complex litigations, its knowledge of the industry

Strength that has been developed through the vision of Berjis Desai.

After the retirement of Jyoti Sagar, one of the key areas of business for Berjis was the establishment of a strong Shipping practice for the firm. With relevant hires, increase in internal expertise as well as the backing of the Managing Partner, the firm

Full service advisory, transactional and litigation support for the Sector.

The firm has a fairly large number of lawyers who are familiar with the shipping sector along with the advantage of having its Managing Partner being a key part of the Shipping Practice of the Firm. The firm also takes advantage of its rich history, havin

A distinguished litigation law office, specializing exclusively in shipping law.

The firm banks on the litigation expertize of its named partner Prashant S. Pratap, for whom law runs in the blood, with Late Justice SC Pratap (Chief Justice of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh) being his father. Over the years, Prashant has established

A dedicated boutique firm offering a one-stop shop for all shipping related matters.

Founded in 1997 by Cambridge educated, former Linklaters attorney Zarir Bharucha, the firm has garnered a tremendous reputation in its area of practice. The firm aims at replicating Zarir's experience of working in a global powerhouse by delivering high q

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