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Due to the recent division of the firm into two separate firms under the stewardship of Cyril and Shardul Shroff respectively, we will be reviewing each independent firm over the course of this year. A clear and settled editorial posting shall be made in

Highly decorated team of Partners concentrate on International Trade related issues.

Sharad Bhansali, Jitendra Singh and TS Vishwanath are all tremendously experienced professionals who have years of experience dealing with WTO and anti-dumping related work. Between them they have been involved with the Government of India, Commerce Chamb

Expert WTO advisory firm.

Anuradha RV is known to be an attorney who likes to get into the details of each matter that she undertakes in the International Trade space. The firm has developed a niche towards handling matters that are especially close to the renewable energy and cle

A dependable name in International Trade Law related disputes.

The team at Dua Associates is highly dependable when it comes to defending corporations in anti-dumping and other International Trade Law related disputes. They are highly trained to go through piles of paperwork with a fine toothed comb. Shiraz Patodia i

Expertize in customs and duties related matters along with safeguard investigations.

The firm benefits from its tax background to provide high quality advice to clients in the space of customs and duties related laws. The firm also regularly handles anti-dumping duty related matters and investigations for its international clients working

One of the few firms dedicated to International Trade.

Managing Partner RK Sanghi changed the name of his firm from Sanghi & Co. to International Trade Law Consultants in 1992, whereafter the firm has almost exclusively concentrated on developing their International Trade Law practice and other directly relat

A dedicated Geneva office to handle WTO work.

Moving from strength to strength the firm is now deeply invested in developing its International Trade Practice, steps towards which include the setting up of a new Geneva office with attorneys from its Delhi office relocating for the purpose of kick st

Led by the Firm's Managing Partner, Rajiv Luthra.

The firm is highly reputed both with the Indian and International governments in tackling trade law related disputes and to provide advisory on policy related issues. With clients originating from China, Japan, Korea and other nations the firm is high on

Commendable expertize in dealing with matters pertaining to Protectionist Levies.

Atul Dua leads the practice for the firm. The firm has acted for clients' interests in anti-dumping cases as well as advisory on transfer pricing related issues that arise in international transactions. Gautam Chopra, who was also an integral part of the

The Firm banks on the experience of its Founder Rajeev Jain.

Rajeev Jain formerly worked with the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties, wherein he handled numerous Anti-dumping investigations. The firm exclusively works in assisting its clientele in Anti-dumping advisory and investigation support.

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