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Under editorial review.

Due to the recent division of the firm into two separate firms under the stewardship of Cyril and Shardul Shroff respectively, we will be reviewing each independent firm over the course of this year. A clear and settled editorial posting shall be made in

One of the largest IP practices in the country.

Anand and Anand has been around for a very long time and has firmly established itself as a leader in the IP space. Both Pravin Anand and Safir Anand remain true to the firm's roots and legacy by providing exceptional advice to all of the firm's clients.

Firm rooted in the image of its founder, Hemant Singh.

Hemant Singh is known as a high integrity and direct dealing litigator. He has been at the forefront of many important high value litigations for the firm's clientele. The firm is backed by extremely talented partners heading their various departments wit

A firm benefiting from the direct supervision of Jyoti Sagar.

While K&S was always a reputable firm in its own right, the retirement of Jyoti from J. Sagar Associates has benefitted this firm the most as Jyoti has taken up the role of its Managing Partner on a full time basis. The firm directly benefits from having

IPR is one of their two most formidable practice areas.

L&S has developed itself as a specialist firm in all of its areas of practice, IPR being one of them and Tax being the other. While the firm does have other practice areas, these 2 have the highest number of attorneys and experts working in them. The firm

Highly ambitious firm, with a zeal to excel.

LexOrbis, along with its promoted company Clairvolex, provides complete IP solutions to its impressive client base. Both Manoj Pillai and Manisha Singh are known to possess astute business minds. They have recently expanded their presence to Bangalore, wh

Strong recognition in the International community.

Mohan and Niti Dewan lead the firm from the front, excelling in Patent and Trademark matters on both the contentious and non-contentious side. The firm has multiple offices across the country that all work in connection with each other to ensure similar d

One of the oldest law firms in the country.

Remfry and Sagar has the distinguishment of being one of the oldest firms in the country. Being one of the mainstays of the Indian IP industry for decades, the firm has an excellent foreign client base that it continues to service through the able leaders

Excellent enforcement support both in the civil and criminal domains.

The Firms named partner, Saikrishna Rajagopal is touted as one of the country's leading enforcement oriented litigation experts. Accordingly software and broadcasting companies form a large chunk of the firms client base, to whom the firm provides capable

Combination of litigation gusto and prosecution brilliance.

SSL&S is the merged entity that came into existence when Singh & Singh, a leading IPR litigation firm merged with Chander Lall's Lall & Sethi. Chander, who had handed over the management of his firm to his young partners, has once again returned to the he

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