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Contribute Magic Lawyers welcomes contributions from stakeholders across the profession and also those who are impacted by the profession. Primarily, the contributions that assist us most are knowledge based and each stakeholder has different areas where they can contribute.
As a Firm As a Client As an Individual As an Advertiser

If you are a Law Firm, you can contribute in the following manner:

 | Make submissions for our practice area listings | Fill up our management audit form to get reviewed | Send us details of your brightest talents for our emerging stars section | Send us your latest deals, lawyer movements and any other announcements as they happen to | Subscribe to our knowledge section to submit thought papers and knowledge notes |

If you are a service recipient:

| Send us a review of the firms that you use by writing directly to | Respond when your law firms or we ask you for details about how they performed |
| Send us any information that you feel relevant for us, while we decide our annual listings | If you feel you are an emerging star, ask your firm to send us your details | Reach us at +91 98731 MAGIC or drop us an email on

We will ensure that you will receive the best options most suitable and beneficial to you.


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