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Agarwal Law Associates Tremendous growth story which continues as Mahesh Agarwal becomes a mainstay of Supreme Court litigation.

Agarwal Law Associates banks heavily on the professionalism and drive of Mahesh Agarwal. With clients including one of India's richest men, Anil Ambani, Mahesh Agarwal has established himself as a go to person as far as courtroom strategy is concerned. The growth of the firm has been systematic and phased through successes in different sectors and regions one by one.
Under editorial review.

Due to the recent division of the firm into two separate firms under the stewardship of Cyril and Shardul Shroff respectively, we will be reviewing each independent firm over the course of this year. A clear and settled editorial posting shall be made in due course. 
AZB Tremendous commercial litigation team backed by Rajendra Barot and Percy Billimoria.

Percy Billimoria (who has since left the firm) and Rajendra Barot are viewed as excellent counsels by their clients. Being based out of Delhi and Mumbai respectively, both Partners ensured that the firm’s clients had excellent counsel irrespective of which office they are coming to. Percy was also actively appearing as an arguing counsel in high profile litigations for both Indian and International clientele. The departure of Percy will have an impact on the practice, however the firm still remains the preferred choice for it's long-standing clients.
Bhasin&Co The firm has trained many leading litigators and continues to ride on over 50 years of experience of Dr. Lalit Bhasin.

Dr. Bhasin has been involved in one way or the other in some of Independent India's most major litigations. He shares an impressive relationship with many senior advocates and judges, many of whom have directly worked with him. His advice is highly valued across sectors especially Aviation, Real Estate and Employment.
DSK Legal A strong commercial litigation practice.

The firm famously represents Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, apart from which the firm's Mumbai based litigation practice is aided by Managing Partner Anand Desai's astute strategic foresight. The firm also has a busy infrastructure and energy dispute practice based out of Delhi. One of their key litigating counsels was elevated to Senior Advocate recently.
FEDERAL & RASHMIKANT Mumbai based litigation firm with a strong domestic clientele.

The firm relies on Senior Partner C Rashmikant's excellent reputation and relationship with domestic clientele, especially in the Real Estate space. The firm is unique in the fact that in spite of being based out of Mumbai its Partners are often mandated by their clients to represent them in the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi.
JSA A great Pan India presence of established litigators.

JSA has a number of its partners focusing on litigations in their respective areas of expertize which includes trade law, infrastructure, commercial litigation and IP litigation, amongst other areas. The firm adopts an industry expertize based approach towards staffing lawyers on any litigation and thus ensures that its clients receive support from attorneys who understand the clients business along with the law.
Karanjawala & Co. One of India's most high profile litigation firms.

Ever since the Firm was founded in 1983 it has been at the helm of some of the most high profile litigations including the representation of Prime Ministers, India's richest families, world's largest organizations etc. Raian and Manik are backed by an excellent set of litigators who have been with them for years, including the dynamic Sandeep Kapur and dependable Nandini Gore. The firm continues to represent cases that catch media attention.
Luthra & Luthra Terrific litigation team that takes up niche matters.

Bobby Chandhoke and Vijay Sondhi are considered heavy weight litigators in Law Firm circles and both have an incredible success ratio in acting for clients before Indian courts. The firm is often seen taking up disputes in niche areas such as telecom, broadcasting and aviation amongst others. The firm has greatly benefitted by the longevity of its key litigators as partners of the firm.
P.H. PAREKH & CO. Founded by the illustrious PH Parekh, the firm continues to be a litigating powerhouse.

PH Parekh is a designated Senior Advocate and has been the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association on six occasions. He has also been conferred with the nation's third highest civilian honor, the Padma Shree in 2012. Given the illustrious background and achievements of its Founding Partner, the firm continues to be coveted for Supreme Court litigations, especially in the infrastructure space, ably led by current Managing Partner, Sameer Parekh.


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